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expect more screenshots or something



magic woah by AlmightyWonderwaffle
magic woah
guys im still here i swear

i drew this on paper last saturday and i just got to digitalizing it yesterday

the paper version looks a lot better i might post that later idk

also i forgot evangeline's wings oops
Okay this entire second half of the year so far has been... rather insane. Hell I was in the ER just on Saturday. I've been very conflicted and have lost all motivation to practically do anything, which is why you will probably not see much art from me for a while longer... Please excuse this small hiatus-
Tiny Kitten Friend by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Tiny Kitten Friend
With the seasons come new children, four to be specific; my baby sister and three new baby kittens. Out of the kittens there is one I like the most (Two constantly hiss at me :c) and this little baby is Dahlia. She is my tiny kitten friend.
I have no clue why I am doing this I am bored

30+ = Super Uke
21-30 = Uke
20 = Seme-uke (Seke)
10-19 = Seme
10- = Super Seme

[x] You like to be content in everything.
[x] When a person confesses their love to you and you don't like them, you start feeling very tense and/or you don't know what to say.
[x] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music. (Usually, yes)
[x] You are quite hyperactive.
[x] If you don't like something, you start crying and you don't care if you start talking too loud.
[x] You love candies or any type of caramel. 
[x] You like making others blush. 
[x] You sleep with a doll/teddy bear/pillow in your hand. 
[/] You're usually shy with the opposite gender (Eh, depends on who it is.)
[/] You like romantic-funny anime. 
[x] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L.
[ ] You have listened to "an café". (what)
[ ] You like listening to it. (what)
[ ] You have one or two songs on your computer of "an café". (stop)
[x] You are innocent and/or a little clumsy. (fuckin clumsy as hell)
[x] You smile at kitties.
[x] You usually say "kawaii". (I normally use it to joke around)
[x] You like plushies.
[ ] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue.
[/] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot. (dont hate her but she's pretty stupid)
[x] You have been lost in a shopping centre/parking/cinema.
[x] You have called the mistaken number twice or more.        
[ ] You cried with Pocahontas' ending. (i dont even think i've watched all of pocahontas)
[x] You have used a very feminine dress or shirt. (still got some, love them honestly)
[x] You call your pets cute names.
[/] You believe that yuri is the best 
[x] You're easy to trick/convince. (sadly)
[x] Some women scare you 
[ ] You have seen Pucca and you like it.
[x] You have pink/red clothes and they are decorated with flowers. (sadly)
[x] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space.
[ ] You've said "kyao" or something like that before. (the fuck kind of noise is that)
[x] When a person of the same gender gets angry with you, you're at the defensive. (I do that with anybody)
[ ] You like j-pop.
[x] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series.
[ ] You watched Gravitation and you felt like Shuichi or you watched Strawberry Panic and you felt like Nagisa.
[x] You smile for no reason.
[/] You usually are very positive.
[x] When there's a rainbow, you run out to see it.
[x] You usually don't understand what your parents say.

Total: 28 1/2

oh I'm a uke ok


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130 / 1,000
Hello, I'm Wonder from Sudomemo~

I can has points? by 2kaze


May I tell you about somebody just real quick? Her name is Loren, also known as silverstarmistclan. I could go on and say a million things about her and still have a lot more to say, but I guess I will make this short and sweet. She is possibly THE MOST amazing person you could ever meet in your whole life. She has the most amazing personality and her art is just really good like woah, not to mention she is like absolutely gorgeous and always seems to know the right things to say. She's helped me through possibly the shittiest times in my whole life, and I have never once wanted to ever say that I regret any moment with her since I've met her. If you are reading this Loren, then I love you in the most heterosexual way possible, you shit. :heart:

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CHARACTERS (Not in any sort of order, these are for number generators):

1. Leigh Atkinson
2. Candy Kane / Moretti
3. Clairese Areeda
4. Xanthia Kane
5. Lodi Kane
6. Toothy (nolastname)
7. Evangeline (nolastname)
8. Mika (nolastname)
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Crack Shippings to draw from Generator-

:bulletred: Xanthia x Shadow
:bulletred: Melony x Damon
:bulletred: Aella x Charon
:bulletred: Leigh x Alex
:bulletred: Rachel x Doc

dA family-

:iconfirefox44: - My teapot

:iconaubreysoul: - My cereal stealing sister

:iconxxtime-freezerxx: - My awesome Koopa sister

:iconradioactive-ink: - My crazy hyper little brother

:icondinosauritz: - My immature sister

:icondigi-dee: - My pet gecko

:iconsilverstarmistclan: - My insane assassin hobo cat

:iconjustanoobindrawing: - My crazy sister

:iconvelvetpelt: - My socially awkward cousin who usually sits in a corner singing songs about penguins and tacos

:iconcoulghoul: - That pink lucario eating that pink chocolate

:iconxxxsasuke-kun1xxx: - My anime addictive sister

:iconforeverklaine: - My crazy older cousin who can make your sanity and innocence go away in the matter of seconds, who flails about to many things and is also obsessed with way to many things as well.

:iconmr-herp-derp: - My brother. Just my brother. :3

:icontruesprectrumrally: - My pet chibi who lives in a scale model of my house.

:iconflamingphoenixwings: - My druggie buddy

Okay this entire second half of the year so far has been... rather insane. Hell I was in the ER just on Saturday. I've been very conflicted and have lost all motivation to practically do anything, which is why you will probably not see much art from me for a while longer... Please excuse this small hiatus-

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Fake Screenshot
Fake Screenshot 4: Let's Dance by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Fake Screenshot 6: Calm yo butter by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Fake Screenshot 5: Impostor by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Fake Screenshot 3: Don't Touch Him by AlmightyWonderwaffle
I'll do a fake screenshot of anything unless it is human.
Colored and shaded with complex background
.:: Drown ::. by AlmightyWonderwaffle
A colored picture with shading and a complex background. 
Colored and shaded with simple background
Valley of the Dolls by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Angels Are Weeping by AlmightyWonderwaffle
A colored and shaded picture with a simple background.
Colored with simple background
Melonyyy by AlmightyWonderwaffle
woop ships by AlmightyWonderwaffle
A colored picture with a simple background. No shading.
Colored with shading
Colored with no background and shading. 

I have no example of this but its pretty obvious what it would be
Just Like An Archangel (Digitalized) by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Melony by AlmightyWonderwaffle
Just colored with no background. No shading. 
Just a simple lineart. Pretty obvious. No example, other examples were old.


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